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Crinoids aren't the most well-known fossils by any means, but they're certainly one of the most interesting. Many collectors love that crinoids feature a unique flower shape that makes them truly distinctive among many other fossil types. Also known as "sea lilies," crinoids are not actually plants. Instead, they were creatures that lived long, long ago - about 490 million years ago, to be exact. They were found all over the sea floor, particularly in shallow marine environments. Though they were part of a mass extinction about 250 million years ago, people continue to cherish these relics of history today.

If you're looking for a unique fossil to add to your personal collection, these crinoids are an exceptional choice. Each one features a unique, detailed appearance that is beautifully fascinating. You'll love seeing a gorgeous natural artifact like this in your home day after day. These are especially striking pieces to put on display, whether it's on a shelf, on a mantle on a bookcase or in another important part of your home.

Because crinoids are rather unique in the world of fossils, one of these pieces would also make a great gift for a lover of history or science. People of all ages are thrilled to receive these mysterious items as a gift. The incredible detail makes each one like a work of art you could stare at for hours. Best of all, these museum-quality pieces are treasures that someone will be happy to have on display for a lifetime.

If you're interested in any of our crinoids or other fossils, place your order today. We have a limited availability of specific pieces due to the unique nature of fossils. Our customer support team is available via phone and email to answer any of your questions about these historical items.