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Land and sea creatures have left behind a treasure trove of fossils, but that doesn't mean we should overlook the equally beautiful remnants of plants from the past. There are many types of striking plant fossils that make for a stunning display in any home. At Fire & Ice, you can shop for authentic plant fossils for sale that have been beautifully preserved and are arranged to create a museum-quality display. Whether you put them on a mantle, a table, a shelf or another prominent surface, they're sure to become a conversation piece whenever you have guests over. Meanwhile, you'll get to enjoy these fossils' natural beauty day in and day out.

One of our most popular types of plant fossils is petrified wood. These slabs form when plant material is protected from decay. Later, groundwater flows through this material and leaves behind a crystallized look. Because of this unique process of petrification, the wood can end up being quite colorful or even exhibit a sparkling finish. This gives it a luxurious, high-end look even though it's completely made from natural elements.

Petrified wood and other plant fossils bring a piece of nature and history into your home. They offer a lovely way to decorate regardless of whether you choose something like a mounted slab or pieces made for more practical purposes, like petrified wood bookends. Because they are so uniquely eye-catching, these plant fossils for sale also make for memorable gift items. Give them to an educator, a child with an interest in science or a lifelong lover of all things ancient. For more information about the specific pieces you see here, click on the individual fossil images. You can also get more information by contacting our customer support team by phone or email.