Who says ornaments are just for the holidays? At Fire & Ice, we recognize the power that these beautiful works of art can have day in and day out. Whether you hang them on a wall, in a window or somewhere else, our selection of hand-blown glass and mixed metal ornaments will make lovely additions to your home décor. As with all of our products, these ornaments are inspired by natural history. Whether it’s lifelike creatures or ancient artistic styles, these are miniature works of art that will continue to inspire you day in and day out. Each one has a unique look and design that’s sure to make your home feel more special.
Our art glass ornaments are among our most popular home décor items at Fire & Ice. Each one features vibrant hues and cascading shapes that are utterly fascinating. These hand-blown glass ornaments can be found in familiar shapes that call to mind some of the favorite characters from natural history, whether it’s birds, sea life or another creature. Because of their unique glass design, these hand-blown ornaments are especially striking when displayed near a light source, such as a window or lamp. That’s because these glass ornaments are at their best when illuminated by a soft glow.
You’ll also found metal art ornaments when you shop at Fire & Ice. These pieces of art feature intricate shapes that are interlocked with wires or welded together to create a multi-dimensional piece. These aren’t just flat pieces of metal that have been shaped or etched with a design. Instead, each one has a layered design that gives it a sense of movement and visual interest.
Shop our entire collection to find the perfect ornaments to decorate your space. In addition to rooms in the home, these metal art ornaments and hand-blown glass ornaments look beautiful in offices, businesses and classrooms. Create a distinctive and inspiring atmosphere by displaying these unique ornaments year-round.

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