At Fire & Ice, we believe that a perfume bottle should look as good as a fine perfume smells. That’s one of the reasons that we carry art glass perfume bottles. In fact, you don’t have to wear perfume or need some place to keep it to revel in the exquisite design of our art glass perfume bottles. Whether you keep them in your bathroom, your boudoir or on display in a more public part of your home, on top of a dresser, counter top or a side table, we think you’ll agree that the perfume bottles we carry are really special and will please all the senses.
The art glass perfume bottles available at Fire & Ice encapsulate all the beauty and splendor of nature in one petite package. We carry art glass perfume bottles by leading artists such as Loy Allen of the Black Hills of South Dakota as well as an affordably priced line of artistic perfume bottles made by Rosetree.
You and your friends and guests will marvel at the intricate detail of these premium perfume bottles. Their graceful curved designs reinterpret nature, using themes such as dragonflies lilting above fresh water, water lilies adrift in a placid pond and graceful monarch butterflies perched with their tiger-striped wings outspread as if ready to take to the air.
In addition to representational art perfume bottles, we also offer items that show a more contemporary flair in graceful, simple swirls and shapes. All of these bottles are subtly colored, with tones ranging from quiet, relaxing greens to bold reds and glittering golds. Any or all of these finely crafted bottles will add a touch of grace and elegance to a home.

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