Although the art glass stemware available from Fire & Ice may seem too exquisite and beautiful to actually use and drink out of, you certainly could use one of these amazing works of glass art to commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding, a great new job or a grand new venture to be undertaken or successfully completed. But most of our customers are content merely to display these gorgeous glasses in a prominent position in their homes so they, their families, their friends and their guests can feast their eyes on these exquisite creations out of the mind of man.
Our art glass stemware includes clear glass stemware as well as colored glass stemware in eye-catching ruby reds and golden greens. We offer many styles, including art glass goblets, martini glasses, margarita wine glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses. Some of these glasses feature exquisite etchings sparked by nature, such as California poppies, bachelor buttons and sycamore leaves.
We offer art glass stemware that would fit in perfectly in a traditional country home as well as modern designs that would gather compliments in the most sophisticated urban environment. Some of our glasses would be perfect for the most formal setting, while others feature quirky, offbeat designs that are just plain fun. Leading makers of art glass stemware in our collection include companies such as Jaguar Art Glass, Romeo Glass and the Glass Forge.
Go ahead and browse our collection of art glass stemware to find what’s exactly right for you or the person you want to give a special gift to. We think you’ll agree that we have assembled some of the most amazing art glass stemware you will find online.

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