A resplendent bride will be even more magnificent when she is adorned with exquisitely designed jewelry. In this stunning collection of gold and silver bridal jewelry, you’ll discover styles ranging from delicate to boldly ornate – a personality for every bride! Whether she’s the type of woman who likes to immediately command a room or a lady who’s more conservative, there is an adornment that will perfectly fit her personal style. Choose from necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, pins and rings in a wide variety of high-quality metals like sterling silver and gold and breathtaking gemstones such as blue topaz, jade and opal.
Are you planning your own wedding, putting together complementary dresses and accessories for you and your bridesmaids? If so, there are many beautiful possibilities here, from dramatic dangle-and-drop earrings to glamorous bracelets and unique pendants. You’ll find many floral designs and decorative pieces that take their inspiration from nature. This distinctive jewelry incorporates all the elements of the natural world as well, including more exotic materials such as Roman glass, Shiva shell, quartz, mother-of-pearl and marcasite.
What these uniquely designed pieces have in common is expert craftsmanship and artistic creativity. This varied collection includes jewelry that is specially made for uncommon mavericks that enjoy standing out from the crowd.
The passion and individualistic spirit that’s inherent in these creations comes directly from the family that founded Fire & Ice. Since 1980, they’ve traveled to exotic locations around the world, seeking unique, creative jewelry and other unusual gifts, from glamorous art glass sculptures to one-of-a-kind fossil specimens. Whether it’s a delicately designed mother-of-pearl necklace or a dinosaur fossil, these are the gifts for those with discriminating tastes.

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