Lime green in color and originating from volcanos, the peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. It is the gem form of the olivine mineral, and its crystals are formed when certain varieties of lava cools within the ground before erupting up to the earth’s surface. Peridot can also be found in meteors. While olivine is very common, peridot is quite rare. In the Fire & Ice collection, you’ll see exquisite examples of fine peridot jewelry, from August birthstone earrings with single or multiple stones to elegant rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. There are settings in 14K gold and sterling silver, with both classic and artistic designs. If you’re looking for an August birthstone ring with peridot, for example, you can find delicately styled pieces that are more refined and ornate cocktail rings.
The peridot stone is mined in Egypt and in Arkansas and Arizona. It can also be found in other locales such as Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, China, Brazil, Myanmar, Australia and South Africa. It is the only gemstone which is found only in a single color, although there come in various shades of green and some stones have a hint of yellow.
In ancient Egypt, peridot was called “the gem of the sun” and some believe that it was in fact peridot stones that Queen Cleopatra wore and not emeralds. In Hawaii, peridot is associated with the goddess Pele, with the stone symbolizing her tears. There are even references to the peridot gemstone in the Bible, referred to by its Hebrew name of “Pitdah.”  
The peridot August birthstone is believed to have tremendous healing powers for those who suffer from asthma, thyroid, sinus, liver and eye infections. These gemstones are also said to help alleviate negative emotions such as stress, anger, jealousy and depression. It is also believed to protect against nightmares.