Are you looking for a February birthstone necklace? The birthstone for that month is amethyst, a variety of quartz with an attractive violet color. Among this large and varied collection of amethyst jewelry, you’ll discover dazzling gifts for every individual style and budget. We have necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets with large oval faceted stones, pear drops or crafted into other designs. This is artistic and unique February birthstone jewelry, chosen for its superior quality and artistic, imaginative design.
Amethyst’s origins trace back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Early Egyptians would place amethyst stones in the tombs of their pharaohs, as they believed it contained favorable powers. Among the ancient Greeks, it was believed to ward off intoxication. For this reason, it was not only worn, but also placed on drinking containers. The amethyst is also said to keep its wearers clear-headed. In the Middle Ages, it was worn by royalty and used to sharpen one’s intellect and to protect those who wore it from sorcery. It was also thought that amethyst would help bring victory in battle. Arabian myths recommended it as protection against bad dreams and gout. Tibetans considered the gemstone to be sacred and associated with the Buddha, and they fashioned prayer beads from amethyst quartz. This popular gemstone is found throughout many different cultures around the world.
While the amethyst quartz is found in various locales, today Brazil and Uruguay provide the main sources. High-quality amethyst specimens can be found in other places, especially Zambia. In the U.S., amethyst can be widely found in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine, Minnesota and elsewhere. Amethyst is South Carolina’s official state gemstone.
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