The January birthstone, garnet, has been discovered to date back as far as 3100 B.C. and the ancient Egyptians. It is found in streams from around the world, including North and South America, Spain and Australia, though the main sources of garnet are in India, Sri Lanka and Africa. Its name is derived from “granatum,” which in Latin means “pomegranate.” This is likely due to its red coloring and its form, which is seed-like. However, garnets can be of various hues. The pyrope garnet is a deep red, while the rhodolite garnet is a variation that has a purplish or rose-colored tone. In the language of gemstones, garnet symbolizes trust and eternal friendship, which of course makes it an ideal gift, especially when that friend is a January baby!  
In our garnet jewelry collection, you’ll be able to find a January birthstone ring for a unique and personalized gift, as well as elegant pins, delicate bracelets, pendants, necklaces and January birthstone earrings. Don’t be concerned if you’re not entirely sure of the exact birthdate. Look no further than the garnet if you’re looking for January’s birthstone. There are different variations of this stone, so in the end, it comes down to personal preference and the most appropriate style to fit the gift recipient. You’ll find a wide choice of possibilities, from garnet birthstone jewelry that has a classic appearance to garnets in more unusual designs. You’ll discover garnet jewelry for both refined and bold personalities. It is said that those born in the month of January, in addition to being highly productive and intelligent, tend to be more reserved. However, if you have an extroverted friend or relation with a January birthday, there are ornate and lavish styles to fit their personality. January birthdays throughout history include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ellen DeGeneres, Dolly Parton, Steven Hawking, Elvis Presley and Sir Isaac Newton.