Courage, power, passion and love – those are some of the qualities inherent in July birthstone jewelry, which is designated as the ruby. You’ll find the most elegant ruby jewelry in the Fire & Ice collection, which includes dangle and drop hoop July birthstone earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets in 14K gold or sterling silver settings. If you have your heart set on a July birthstone ring, we have those as well, either with a single ruby stone, with rubies and diamonds or rubies and cubic zirconia. Rubies are considered one of the 4 precious stones, along with the diamond, emerald and sapphire.
The ruby is one of the most frequently mentioned gemstones throughout history. It is mentioned in the Bible and is associated with noble attributes such as wisdom and beauty. In Sanskrit, the ruby is referred to as “ratnaraj,” which means “king of precious stones.” Hindus in ancient India believed that anyone who offered the god Krishna a gift of rubies would be reborn as emperors. In Burma (or Myanmar), which has been an important source of rubies since 600 AD, warriors would insert rubies into their skin so they would be invincible when going into battle.
It is no doubt due in no small part to the ruby’s blood red coloring that the stone is thought to motivate those who wear it to achieve their goals, become strong leaders and amass riches. In scientific terms, a ruby is a red corundum, and the presence of chromium is what gives the gem its red color. Other varieties of the mineral corundum are considered to be sapphires, as in pink sapphires, which may contain a mix of chromium, iron and titanium.
Historically, rubies have been mined in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Australia, India, Colombia, Scotland, Namibia, Brazil, Pakistan and Japan. Qualities that determine the value of the particular ruby is first the color, with the brightest and richest red being the most valuable, and then clarity. However, it is natural to find rubies with rutile in them, which is a mineral that has the appearance of thin needles.