Browse an impressive collection of elegant June birthstone jewelry in classic and contemporary styles. The official gemstone for the month of June is the pearl, and you’ll find the most extraordinary pearl jewelry as June birthstone earrings, rings, necklaces and more. A pearl is an organic jewel that is naturally occurring in the shells of certain living mollusks. Species that produce pearls include gold-lipped and silver-lipped pearl oysters, abalones, conchs and freshwater mussels. They come in various colors that include peach, gray, pink and black. Pearls form the basis of classic jewelry that has a stately, traditional appearance, suitable for the most formal occasions.
If you’re looking for a lovely personal gift for someone who celebrates a birthday in this month, you can find a June birthstone ring in a decorative sterling silver setting or a more elaborate presentation with diamonds or cubic zirconia. You can also discover a June birthstone bracelet in white or black pearls, and many other sophisticated styles in necklaces and earrings.
The pearl has a rich history both in history and in mythology, known as the oldest gem in the world. Historically, there have been mentions of pearls dating as far back as 4000 BC in ancient Egypt, when mother-of-pearl was frequently seen as being used for decoration. As for actual pearls, in the 5th century the Egyptians were known to bury the dead with them. At the Louvre in Paris, there is a pearl necklace worn by the Persian queen Achaemenid, 4000 years ago. Queen of Sheba became legendary for her pearl jewelry and it has been said that Cleopatra would drink wine with ground pearls in it to keep her from being poisoned. In Greece, pearls would be used at weddings to bring love, and in Rome, they were considered a symbol of prestige and wealth. In China, pearls were bestowed upon royalty as gifts. According to ancient Hindu texts, India’s first pearl was discovered by the deity Krishna.
This was only the beginning, and today the pearl is seen as representing flawless perfection. A distinguished piece of pearl jewelry immediately dresses up any attire, lending the wearer an instant air of elegance and sophistication.