Aquamarine is recognized as the March birthstone As legend has it, an aquamarine gemstone would protect sailors during sea voyages. In fact, its name aquamarine comes from the Latin word aqua (water) and marina (sea). It is also said that the color, cool and serene, calms the nerves and makes one more level headed. Aquamarine varies between blue and green, from deep blue to bluish green. The amount of iron present in the beryl crystal accounts for different intensities of color. In this diverse collection, you’ll find not only different hues but various types of aquamarine jewelry, including March birthstone earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets. 
There are many styles, so you can choose the particular piece based on personal preference. If you’re buying a gift for someone special, consider their personality and find something that’s ideal for them. Are they more reserved and refined? You might consider a small pear-shaped pendant or pair of hanging earrings, as this is a delicate and sophisticated shape. For something bolder, consider a larger stone or a more dramatic earring style. You can also find combination gemstone jewelry, such as aquamarine and cubic zirconia.
Aquamarine is found mainly in granite rocks, primarily in Brazil. However, this gemstone can also be found in Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria and Pakistan. It has a rich history. In addition to being a favorite gemstone of sailors, according to mythology, ancient Greeks were known to have worn aquamarine amulets engraved with the image of Poseidon, master of the sea, on his chariot.