Behold the emerald, a favorite gemstone of royalty since ancient times and associated with Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. She was so enamored with the emerald that she proclaimed herself the owner of all Egyptian emerald mines during her time in power. Egyptians valued the emeralds so much as to bury the precious stones with the deceased in their tombs. In fact, there is historical evidence of emerald mining in Egypt long before Cleopatra, dating back to 1300 B.C. This stunning May birthstone is known scientifically as beryllium aluminum silicate, and it’s composed of beryl along with aluminum, beryllium, silicon and oxygen. Trace amounts of vanadium and chromium lend it its breathtaking green hues. Emeralds are found primarily in Columbia, but it is also mined in Russia, India, Zambia, Norway, Brazil, Australia and even in the U.S.
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In mythology, the emerald is closely associated with Venus, the Roman love goddess. Ancient Romans believed that the gemstone embodied her qualities of goodness, beauty and fertility. Not to be outdone, the ancient Greeks celebrated their own goddess of love, Aphrodite, by wearing emeralds. The symbolism and attributes associated with emeralds include revitalization and renewal of life, friendship, loyalty and faithfulness. It is believed that emeralds bring good health, prosperity and enhanced intuition. This regal gemstone also represents patience and wisdom.