Citrine, the birthstone for November, is valued as a healing quartz, as it is believed to support health and vitality, creating energy, warmth and hope in anyone who wears it. This plentiful gemstone is most often found in Bolivia, Brazil and Spain, and its color ranges from light yellow to a brownish orange. The Fire & Ice citrine November birthstone jewelry is artistic and unusual, with premium quality stones set in 14K gold or sterling silver. There are November birthstone rings (sterling silver), pendants in gold or silver settings and November birthstone earrings, also in your choice of gold or silver.
The gemstone citrine is a variety of quartz, with its pale yellow to brownish colors coming from particles of iron within the quartz. The oxidation of this iron gives citrine its color. Natural citrine is rarer than other forms of quartz, and is typically found in Brazil, though it can also be found in Russia, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, France, the Congo and even in the U.S., around California and Nevada. Darker, reddish-brown varieties of citrine are known as Madeira Citrines. This may be named for the Brazilian word for “wood” or for the wine produced in the Madeira Islands. Citrine is similar in appearance to yellow topaz, but is far more affordable.
It is believed that citrine possesses certain healing powers, such as the ability to enhance mental clarity and improve the memory. It also is said to support the heart, liver and kidneys. It is also widely known as the stone of success, attracting good fortune to those that wear it.  
Citrine jewelry, as with quartz jewelry in general, dates back to ancient times. It was used in Greece as a decorative gemstone between 300 and 150 B.C., in the Hellenistic Age. In 17th century Scotland, citrine was embedded into the handles of swords and daggers. There are many examples to be found of ornate citrine brooches and pendants from Victorian times. More recently, citrine was extremely popular in the Art Deco period, with film stars often adorned in extravagant citrine jewels.