Opals are perhaps the most interesting of the birthday gemstones, as they are seen in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. October birthstone jewelry that features the wondrous opal includes delicate bracelets, dangle and post earrings, dramatic pendants and artistically styled rings. You can choose from classic shapes like ovals, pear shapes and circles or more imaginative variations that take their inspiration from nature. Within high-quality 14K gold and sterling silver settings are opals the most unique color combinations. With these special gemstones, no two pieces are alike. Stones range from colorless and off-white to blue, red, black, yellow and green – and sometimes in the same stone!
Astrologically, those born in October will either be Libras or Scorpios. If you’re looking for an opal October birthstone bracelet or necklace that will captivate someone equally mysterious, you’ll find many unusual designs.
To the ancient Romans, the opal symbolized hope, and it is also associated with innocence, purity and faith. In the Middle Ages, the gemstone was also thought to attract good fortune, as people believed that it possessed the virtues of different stones due to its wide color spectrum. For others, however, the changing hues caused suspicion. In Russia, some thought the stone embodied “the evil eye” and Russian rulers prohibited using it in jewelry!
As much as 95 to 97 percent of all precious opal originates from Australia. One of the more unique varieties is the boulder opal, which is found in Queensland, Australia. It can be easily identified, as it it’s a mixture of opal and ironstone that is layered or in a matrix. Opal is also mined in Ethiopia and in Nevada and Idaho in the U.S. Opal can also be created in a laboratory. However, certain types of these lab-created opals are identical in their chemical, physical and optical properties. These are known as created opals. However, while these look like natural opals, they do not have the same chemical or physical characteristics.