The Fire & Ice bridal jewelry collection comprises classic styles and unusual creations in 14K gold and sterling silver. These stunning necklaces offer amazing variety, from quietly elegant pearls to artistic filigree and vibrant gemstones. These bridal necklaces celebrate the wonders of the natural world, from leaf and animal designs to the materials themselves, such as mother-of-pearl, shell and mammoth tusk. While you’ll find classic styles, you can also choose to go the bolder and more daring route for something entirely different!
There is much planning involved in staging a beautiful wedding, from floral arrangements and the reception to attire for the bride, groom and wedding party. In a formal affair, the bride will usually coordinate her wedding dress with the dresses of her bridesmaids and maid of honor, and this includes jewelry! Though it isn’t required, many brides will give her bridesmaids gifts of jewelry to wear with their dresses, and as a personal keepsake. This allows her to continue a particular theme of the wedding, if there is one, to their clothing and accessories. If it’s a more formal affair, a bride might choose pearl necklace for both herself and her bridesmaids. Is the wedding outdoors in the summer, in a natural setting? Then a necklace made of green jade, mother-of-pearl or perhaps even shells would be ideal. Whatever she decides, there are many different kinds of intricately designed necklaces to fit every personality.
Since 1980, Fire & Ice has specialized in uncommon jewelry of exceptional quality, sculptures, art glass, wall art and other artistic creations. The founders travel to exotic locations around the world to find pieces that celebrate natural wonders and embody individualism and creativity.