There is no more treasured keepsake for a bridesmaid at a wedding than a beautiful piece of jewelry that has been personally gifted to her by the bride. It has become something of a tradition for the bride to present a token of her love and appreciation which the lucky ladies in her wedding party can wear with their coordinated dresses. You’ll discover a treasure trove of stunning pendants in this varied collection of bridal pendants. Choose from delicate designs that are sophisticated and refined, or dazzling displays of shimmering beauty. There’s a pendant for every personality, so this can be a personal adornment that comes straight from the heart.
Traditionalists may be most interested in pearl pendants or heart pendants, both ideal for a ceremony to exchange marriage vows. Nature lovers – and especially those who plan on tying the knot outdoors – will enjoy the pendants shaped like flowers or leaves. There are pendants for more religious gatherings, such as crosses and stars of David. You’ll find pedants with intricate designs that have a vintage appearance, and those that are vibrant works of art, certain to attract attention and receive many compliments. If the wedding has a particular theme, such as a Victorian wedding, you’ll find appropriate pendants for the special occasion.
There are many kinds of gold and silver pendants, from precious gemstones such as rubies, diamonds and emeralds to less pricey but just as impressive as cubic zirconia, marcasite and abalone shell. Fire & Ice specializes in unusual, one-of-a-kind designs from the world’s leading craftsmen. They travel around the world seeking out unique creations that celebrate the wonders of nature, artistic expression and traditional crafting techniques.