Are you making plans for your special day? For an enchanted wedding, everything must be at least as resplendent as the bride, groom and wedding party, and that of course includes everyone’s attire and jewelry! In addition to the bride’s own jewelry to complete her wedding dress, it’s customary for her to present each of her bridesmaids and the maid of honor with a special gift, carefully chosen to complement the person’s individual tastes. It is a way of thanking a dear friend for their contribution to the wedding. A unique piece of jewelry chosen especially for her is perfect for honoring a close friendship, and it is something that can be kept and treasured for a lifetime.
In the Fire & Ice bridal jewelry collection, you’ll find a selection of bridal rings in gold and sterling silver. They range from classic to artistic and ornate. What you choose will depend upon the personal style and sensibility of the gift recipient. You’ll find simple bands, rings with a decorative flourish and Irish Claddagh rings, which traditionally signify love (symbolized by a heart), friendship (hands) and loyalty (crown). These are of course ideal for an Irish or Celtic-themed wedding, but they’re a lovely sentiment even for those who are not of Irish heritage.
When shopping for a special gift for a bridesmaid, there are certain rules which are good to keep in mind. First, it is important to select a personal gift for each bridesmaid. While it might seem like a clever idea to purchase matching gifts, not everyone has the same tastes. Some might enjoy rings, while others only wear earrings or a simple pendant. Gift a gift that can be worn or used again. The more use she has for the gift, especially if it’s a piece of jewelry, the more often she’ll remember the bride and that special day. This will make the gift far more special and sentimental. A great time to give the gift is at a rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding – before everyone gets too busy! This way the bride can take a little time with each bridesmaid to thank them personally. And don’t forget to include a personal, hand-written card.