If you appreciate the allure of green, then you will definitely appreciate the style of malachite gemstone jewelry from Fire & Ice. Malachite is a popular gemstone that is famous for its intriguing green hues.

This stunning gemstone has been gracing pieces of jewelry all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Greeks and Romans also appreciated the dazzling green jewels, featuring malachite in jewelry and ornaments. By the Middle Ages, malachite had taken on a new title besides beautiful jewel. It was thought to protect the wearer from the dreaded evil eye and cure stomach aches. Okay, so those two don’t really seem to go together, but it is a lot to ask a piece of jewelry.

At Fire & Ice, we appreciate the history of this alluring gemstone as well as celebrate its beauty with a fabulous collection of malachite gemstone jewelry. Choose from post or dangle earrings that will most certainly be a welcome addition to any earring array. Show off your love of malachite with a cheek cuff bracelet or a beautiful sterling silver malachite necklace.

There are so many dazzling ways to go green with malachite at Fire & Ice. Enjoy perusing the collection on the online store or visit one of Fire & Ice’s 5 locations in Maryland or two stores in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Malachite gemstone jewelry really makes for a unique and noteworthy gift. Today, malachite is thought to protect travelers since it is considered the stone of travel. If you have a frequent flyer in your midst or someone with a strong yen to explore, then a piece of malachite gemstone jewelry from Fire & Ice is a must have good luck charm with style.