With its eye-catching colors and mesmerizing patterns, beaded jewelry can be an outstanding addition to any jewelry box. Fire & Ice carries beaded necklaces, earrings and more, of not only the highest quality, but at discounted prices, making it easy to add must-have pieces to your collection. The myriad beaded designs available here will inspire wearers.
The materials used for our beaded necklaces include natural harvests from the sea such as oyster shell, coral and fossilized walrus ivory. We also carry beaded jewelry that includes soothing turquoise, magical blue topaz and sparking sterling silver to add a touch of pizzazz to an evening out or just a bit of fun and style to a day in the office, while running errands or to your next gala affair.
Our fetish pieces include carved fetishes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that capture the eye as well as the imagination and add interest and intrigue to daily life. The spiny oyster shell and turquoise nugget beaded necklaces available from Fire & Ice feature polished shell and stone that offer a rich array of colors and shapes that only nature could create. Orange-reds, rich golds, romantic rosy reds, deep purples and splashes of blues and greens create an unforgettable effect.
If you browse our exquisite collection of beaded necklaces, earrings and jewelry, you are bound to find something that is perfect for you or which will make just the right gift for that special friend or relative, or for your spouse. We have earrings and necklaces appropriate for any age, any look and any occasion. For unique pieces, trust the experts. Thanks to our discounted prices, Fire & Ice also can provide you beaded necklaces and earrings that will fit practically any budget.