As a fashion accessory, bracelets offer a rare combination of strength and beauty. Their position on the wrist just adds notes of power and confidence both to the wearer and the beholder, while their glistening materials and rounded, sensuous shapes add eye-catching good looks.
At Fire & Ice, we carry a variety of gorgeous bracelets that are made from only the finest natural materials with the best craftsmanship and highest attention to detail. Many of these beautiful bracelets are made of shimmering silver, a precious metal that immediately demands attention and respect, and some of these bracelets even are available with glistening gold, mankind’s traditional storehouse of wealth. A variety of semiprecious stones are available to complement these handsome bracelets, including lapis, opal, rhodochrosite, turquoise and combinations of multiple stones. In addition, we also offer bracelets accented by the sea with beautiful corals and spiny oyster shell.
The designs of our bracelets range from the most basic and simple geometric patterns to delicate patterns following nature’s incomparable works, including feathers, flowers, leaves and butterflies. Our designs run the gamut from yin to yang, with big, simple and bold masculine patterns as well as delicately feminine and petite displays.
The range of designs and materials in the bracelets we offer means that you can find the right bracelet for practically anybody and any occasion or mood. Whichever bracelet catches your eye, you’ll also be delighted to learn that we offer these beautiful bracelets at discounted prices, meaning that you will save money while getting the highest quality. Why not take two? Get one for yourself and one for that very special friend. He or she will be delighted.