With its pastel desert hues and ancient sands, the Southwestern landscape inevitably evokes thoughts of the past. When you combine the inherent antiquity of the Southwest with contemporary design, you get something unique, special and memorable. The contemporary Southwestern jewelry and money clips from Fire & Ice make perfect keepsakes as well as good-looking and practical accessories, whether you are looking for a gift for friends or relatives or just want something out of the ordinary for yourself.
The contemporary designs of the Southwestern jewelry and money clips available from Fire & Ice are rooted in the natural glory of the Southwest’s unique looks and geology. Inspired by elements such as flowers, wings, feathers and other examples of nature’s perfection, these pieces range from the solidly representational to the highly abstract.
Our selection of contemporary Southwestern products features all of the soft desert hues you would expect, including blues, greens, oranges, reds and purples. This collection lets you pick from an outstanding collection of gemstones that show off all of nature’s inherent beauty, including opal, lapis, turquoise and sugilite, a rare, translucent pinkish-purple mineral that enchants and entrances. Our coral and spiny oyster shell contemporary Southwestern jewelry shimmers with the serenity and strength of the sea. These gorgeous pieces are set off by glittering sterling silver or steel settings that bring out the magic, power and beauty of the gemstones they frame.
Our contemporary Southwestern offerings cover a wide range of jewelry and accessories, including necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants. We also carry handsome contemporary Southwestern money clips that are as good looking as they are practical. They give a sophisticated flourish to any financial transaction besides providing a safe, secure and discreet way to carry your cash.