Offering a sleek profile and gorgeous color contrasts, the inlaid jewelry from Fire & Ice makes a unique gift for that special someone. When you witness the exquisite beauty of these unusual pieces firsthand, you may want to get one or two for yourself as well.
Our stock of inlaid jewelry includes alluring necklaces, pendants and bracelets as well as fun and feisty hoop and dangle earrings. We also carry unusual and unique accessories that make great gifts for significant occasions, such as inlaid key rings. These pieces come with a wide choice of inlays, so you can find exactly the colors, styles and designs that suit your purposes.
Fire & Ice offers a rich panoply of nature’s own gemstones, including unusual offerings such as blue topaz, sugilite and onyx as well as traditional favorites such as opals and turquoise. The color spectrum of these pieces runs from basic blacks that go with almost anything to eye-catching oranges, sultry purples and relaxing greens and blues.
Many of these pieces pay homage to their native Southwestern roots with designs based on nature’s fascinating creations, such as bears, turtles, butterflies and dragonflies. Some of these pieces are handmade and represent Native American spirit animals connoting specific human attributes, such as patience, courage and confidence. Other designs, such as heart shapes, are perfect for Valentine’s gifts or any romantic occasions, while the bold geometric patterns of other pieces give a forthright, modern appearance that are perfect for business settings or parties. The shimmery sterling silver settings of these pieces show each design and material off to its best advantage.