Ranging from the simple to the ornate, the Southwestern necklaces from Fire & Ice let you carry a bit of the incredibly beautiful and pristine Southwestern landscape with you in your daily life. We offer these gorgeous necklaces in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors in your choice of natural materials, so you can find a different necklace to wear each day of the month. Best of all, our reasonable prices and fast shipping make it easy to get what you need when you shop safely, securely and hassle free online at FireAndIce.com.
These necklaces include traditional Native-inspired designs, such as Navajo turquoise squash blossoms and heishi (pronounced hee-shee) tiny drilled beads of natural materials such as shell or turquoise. Taking their inspiration from nature in all its glory, these necklaces are made of materials such as fiery red coral, fossilized walrus ivory, opal, onyx and spiny oyster shell. The designs too are nature inspired, ranging from representational miniature fetish interpretations of animals to stylized wings to the most abstract designs taking flight from the natural world around us.
The color palette of our Southwestern necklaces lets you adapt to a range of social situations and styles. Our basic blacks and whites will suit just about any occasion. To make a more noticeable entrance, consider our eye-catching reds, pinks and purples. For a more mellow groove, you might prefer easy-going greens and blues. Some of these pieces make a statement with just one color, while others, such as our spiny oyster shell and turquoise nugget necklaces, let the eye feast on a gaudy buffet of colors ranging from hot orange-reds to rich golds and splashes of green and blue.