Pendants can add style and flair to any clothing ensemble and can form a focal point that makes you the center of attention. For many people, they are a way to wear one’s beliefs and communicate them succinctly and directly without saying a word. At Fire & Ice, we carry awe-inspiring sterling silver Southwestern pendants that derive their beauty from the natural world’s materials, shapes and colors. Besides being attractive in their own right, these pendants also serve as great conversation starters and as a way to show one’s deep-rooted connection to the earth and to the life of the spirit.
The pendants available from Fire & Ice pay tribute to nature, and although they are made of inanimate sterling silver and gemstones, they are crafted with such artistry that they seem ready to come alive. Our lovely butterfly pendants look as if they are getting ready to take off and flutter away into a sunny field. The dragonfly pendants we offer look as if they are readying themselves to skim over a pond or stream, while our handmade inlay bear pendants exude this animal’s enormous confidence and pay tribute to the strength, patience and protection that these creatures symbolize. We also offer other pendants that pay tribute to Kokopelli, the wandering Native American musician celebrated in legend. In addition, Fire & Ice carries crosses and pear Zuni pendants in unique styles and colors.
These pendants are made of the finest natural materials, including lapis, opal, turquoise and spiny oyster shell. Glittering sterling silver settings enhance the beautiful blues, oranges and purples of these natural gemstones and shells. They will make a gift that will be remembered or a valuable addition to your own jewelry collection.