Embodying the crisp lines and simple but fetching geometric patterns of the desert lands from which it draws its inspiration, the Southwestern pottery available from Fire & Ice offers the perfect decorative touch for practically any room at home or at work. Whether you live in the Southwest or just reside in some other place where you want to invoke the spirit of this special American place, the Southwestern pottery available from Fire & Ice gives an authentic feel, touch and look of the American Southwest at a remarkably reasonable price.
Harking back to prehistoric times, Anasazi pottery is noted for its instantly identifiable and sharp black and white patterns. These distinctive patterns remind some people of lightning bolts, while others might describe them simply as zigzags. However you look at these bold, crisp patterns, you will agree that they can have a mesmerizing effect. The soothing patterns on these artful pots will draw you, your friends, family and guests into another time and place without leaving the room.
Made by the Pueblo civilization since the 14th century, Anasazi pottery is instantly recognizable to connoisseurs of Southwestern art, and your friends and guests will be delighted with the tasteful Southwestern pottery available from Fire & Ice. One particularly captivating example is the Anasazi pot by the artist J. Estevan. Measuring just 7 1/2 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches in diameter, this precious pot features the traditional black-and-white zigzag Anasazi pattern on a beautifully shaped pot on which a tapered bottom rises to broad shoulders and then closes on top with a narrow neck. The zigzag patterns go up and down in scale depending on their place on the pot, giving a remarkable sense of unity and scale.

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