Intensely symbolic, rings have served for millennia to suggest cycles, infinity and eternity. In modern America, wearing a ring can signify many major life events ranging from marriage to a sports championship. At Fire & Ice, we carry a selection of Southwestern rings that you can use for any purpose under the sun but which will always tantalize you and onlookers with their exquisite craftsmanship and wonderful natural beauty.
Thanks to their Southwestern materials and design motifs, our rings exude a special allure and a sense of place. They feature natural gemstones such as turquoise and lapis. Intricately detailed, glittering sterling silver settings show off the innate beauty of these stones to their best advantage, bringing out the unmistakably unique blues that only turquoise and lapis possess. The individual natural veining of our turquoise rings makes each piece come alive and adds fascinating visual appeal. Subtle shadings of color further enhance the complexity and beauty of these rings.
These sterling silver rings come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, so you can find exactly the right ring for yourself or for that special person. In addition to sterling silver rings with fixed sizes, Fire & Ice also offers rings with adjustable sizes for added convenience. Designs range from the dainty to the bold, further adding to your options so you can find a ring in our collection to suit any situation.
If you have questions about sizing of the Southwestern rings available from Fire & Ice or any other questions, just give us a ring at our toll-free phone number and our friendly staff will help you pick out your own special ring for you or for that important person in your life.