With their eye-catching flash and colors, their appealing shapes and their entrancing movements, the Southwest-inspired dangle earrings available from Fire & Ice are perfect for a night on the town. Wherever you are, they also let everyone know you dare to be noticed, whether you’re at work, at a party or just out and about running errands.
Fresh, fun and fancy free, dangle earrings are a hot trend and give a sense of empowerment as well as beauty. When you browse our selection of gorgeous Southwestern dangle earrings, you’ll want to buy more than one pair to extend your style options and to take advantage of our remarkably reasonable prices for these unique jewelry pieces.
With their natural gemstones, sterling silver settings and carefully thought-out designs, these earrings are redolent of the arid beauty of the timeless American Southwest but will make a timely addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Some of our dangle earrings are available with beautiful fiery red coral. Combined with glittery sterling silver, these coral earrings will light up any night. We also offer unique, hard-to-find items such as gaspeite dangle earrings. Made of the created carbonate nickel material called gaspeite, tiny heishi beads of this unique material practically glow with a lime green color and segue seamlessly into sterling silver beads at the bottom of the earrings’ loops to form an appealing and eye-catching pattern.
Our created sugilite dangle earrings feature three loops adorned with the royal purple color of the tiny created sugilite heishi beads that line them. These purple beads contrast remarkably well with the earrings’ sterling silver beads and loops, creating a powerfully attractive effect.
If you have any questions about the Southwest-inspired dangle earrings available from Fire & Ice, call us toll-free or send us an email. We’re ready to answer all of your questions.