For thousands of years, the Zuni people have inhabited a beautiful valley about 150 miles from the present-day city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Living close to the earth and in tune with nature’s rhythms, this Native American tribe has farmed, fished and hunted the land for generations – and created beautiful, memorable artwork. The Zuni earrings and pendants available from Fire & Ice pay tribute to this special place and the creative traditions of its proud people.
As you would expect, our Zuni earrings and pendants share some of that tribe’s traditions and attachment to the earth. The all-natural materials of these beautiful pieces include gemstones such as blue topaz and turquoise as well as colorful and rich red spiny oyster shell. Sterling or oxidized silver settings enhance the beauty and allure of these natural materials.
Made in the American Southwest, the spiny oyster shell Zuni pendant available from Fire & Ice features a large oval spiny oyster shell surrounded by more than 20 delicately crafted, tiny spiny oyster shells. With its wide silver bail, it would make an ideal slide for an omega chain.
Fire & Ice also offers Zuni-inspired earrings in your choice of designs and styles, including post and hoop earrings. These delicate earrings combine the uniquely ethereal blue of natural polished turquoise with the sparkle of sterling silver to create uniquely attractive pieces that are also surprisingly affordable. Petite yet vibrant and eye-catching, these earrings add subtle allure and a lively touch to any look.
If you have any questions about the Zuni earrings and pendants available from Fire & Ice, just dial our toll-free phone number Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Our staff will be standing by to answer your questions.