Relics from natural history don’t have to be confined to museums. In fact, you can enjoy the same beautiful, inspiring and unique artifacts often found in these institutions right in your very own home when you shop at Fire & Ice. Our selection of home décor items includes an array of some of the most unique and stunning natural relics that will give your home a distinctive look. In addition to bringing beauty to your living room, kitchen, bedroom or den, you can also use these items to create a welcoming environment in offices, businesses, classrooms and other locations. No matter where you place these home décor items, you’ll find that they bring richness and texture to the space while also acting as fascinating conversation pieces.
Our natural history home decorations at Fire & Ice come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. Those who want to start small or add subtle accents to their space can check out our paperweight and ornaments. Both of these categories include a number of visually stunning items with interesting backstories. You’ll love being able to display these items on a desk, on a wall or on a shelf to create a decorative theme that’s unique to your interests. For instance, you can opt for a beautiful piece of glass art for your office paperweight or choose an ornament inspired by nature’s original designs to hang on your bedroom or bathroom wall.
While we absolutely adore these small, intricate items from our home décor collection, there’s something to be said for making a big statement with your decorating style. That’s why we also offer larger pieces that can act as a focal point of a table, a shelf or even the entire room. For example, our office sculptures décor can be the perfect way to make your business entryway appear absolutely stunning and inviting for your clients and customers. Choose from metal sculptures, Fiore sculptures, Oaxacan sculptures and more to find a style that meets your tastes and a price that meets your budget.
Another large-scale option in our home décor section is any of our wall art selections. From gorgeous mirrors to masks and plates, each of these items is in keeping with our natural history theme. They may feature materials from nature or depict scenes and items found in natural history, just like our beautiful collection of pottery. Most of these are larger items that also work as focal points in your home décor; in fact, some customers have even decided to create an interior design scheme for their home around these unique artifacts.
Give your home a vibrant and distinguished look by using home décor products from Fire & Ice. Our selection of beautiful pottery, wall art, sculptures, paperweights, art glass and more will give you plenty of options for customizing your home to your interests. Forget about the impersonal décor found at local shops; your home or office will look truly unique when you incorporate these items with a hint of natural history. Create a space that makes you feel comfortable, calm and inspired by choosing from these distinctive home décor items at Fire & Ice.

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