Need a pretty place to store away those odds and ends in your home? One of these enamel boxes is the perfect spot to stash those items in a spot where they’ll be easy to access when you need them. Don’t let pin, jewelry, buttons or other assorted items get scattered across drawers or countertops anymore. In addition to being a handy item in your home or office, these enameled jewel boxes also add a touch of style to any space. All the beautiful enamel box options at Fire & Ice have been inspired by nature, so you can search our collection to find something that speaks to your style and your interests.
One of our favorite uses for these enamel boxes is storing jewelry. These are items you don’t want to lose track of, whether it’s a special necklace, ring or pair of earrings, so you might as well keep them some place safe. An added bonus of using these enamel boxes is that they make each time you wear that jewelry feel like a special occasion. Because the box is so delicate and detailed, it makes the jewelry seem even more significant than it already is. Be sure to check out the details for the enameled jewel box options on our site as some actually come with a matching necklace. That ensures that you’ll already have one piece of special jewelry to store in the box upon its arrival.
Keeping an enamel box in your bedroom or bathroom is a great way to keep little items from getting lost. Plus, it allows you to inject some of your personal style into a space. Have one on your desk to collect paper clips, or keep one in the kitchen to corral a few keys. No matter how you use these enamel boxes, they give your home a distinctive and inspiring look that you’ll love.

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