When is a pair of men’s cuff links out of the ordinary? When they’re from Fire & Ice! From men’s cuff link jewelry that’s made from Roman glass to cuff links made from birch bark and fossils, you’re bound to find something unique for a special gift. Cuff links do more than just secure shirts without buttons. They provide a touch of distinction to business attire for an overall sophisticated, smart appearance. This selection ranges from understated sterling silver cuff links to exotic ammonite, birch bark and art glass cuff links. You can filter your search by material, metal and other characteristics.
Did you know that there are different ways to wear cuff links? The kiss cuff is the more common method. In this style, the shirt cuffs are pinched together so that the ends of the cuffs appear to be kissing. This style of cuffing causes the sleeve to flare a bit. In the barrel cuff, the top is overlapped with the other, for a more discreet appearance. By the way, there are also 2 kinds of shirt cuffs – the single-length cuff and the French cuff. The dressier style is the French cuff. In this type of cuff, the sleeve is longer and is folded so that the cuff links hold 4 layers of shirt fabric instead of just 2. Traditionally, the kiss cuff is used for French cuff shirts, while for the single-length cuff, the barrel cuff is used.
As with other types of jewelry in the Fire & Ice collection, these cuff links are inspired by natural wonders, which is why you see fossil, shell and Dichroic glass in addition to more typical gemstones. Since 1980, the company’s mission has been to travel the world in search of fascinating, unique creations. Inspired by ancient craftsmanship, traditional techniques and natural history, the product offerings are out-of-the-ordinary. They include designer art glass, imaginative sculptures and uncommon fossil specimens. You’ll find many inspired gift ideas for discriminating tastes.


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