When you’re looking for a unique, beautifully-designed, top-quality pin, the best place to look is Fire & Ice. That’s because we have a great selection of sterling silver and gold pins that feature everything from fish and butterflies to leaves and insects. Ever-popular Dichroic glass pins offer an unexpected gift for a loved one or for yourself. There are classic cameo pins and other unique pins that include glamorous gemstones. You can search by type of metal and other characteristics to help you narrow down the field to exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find decorative, artistic pins for all personalities, in a wide variety to fit every budget.
These imaginative designs bring together the very best metals and gemstones, with great attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Choose from metals such as sterling silver, gold- or silver-plated, stainless steel, 14K gold and vermeil. You’ll also find a selection of marcasite pins. Marcasite jewelry, which has been around since ancient Greece, is crafted from small pieces of pyrite. This style of jewelry was especially popular among Art Nouveau designers and during the Victorian era. The marcasite has a glittering quality, making it an attractive diamond alternative, and these pieces have a desirable vintage appeal.
Some of the gemstones you might find include amethyst, emerald, blue topaz, peridot, sapphire, ruby, garnet and onyx. There are also more unusual natural materials used, such as spiny oyster shell, mammoth tusk and fossilized walrus ivory. The family-owned Fire & Ice travels the globe searching out beautiful creations in exotic locales. They strive to create an online marketplace with the same sorts of unusual products you might find in open air markets in foreign lands. The company specializes in natural materials fashioned into artistic works by highly skilled artisans.

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