Muted, subtly beautiful colors combine with bold geometric shapes inspired by the American Southwest to create a unique collection of men’s Southwestern jewelry available at Fire & Ice. These pieces are as handsome as they are practical. They make great gifts, whether for an anniversary, a birthday or any type of celebration or milestone, but these pieces are so attractive, unique and useful that you might want to pick up one or two for yourself while you’re also picking out a gift. Given the reasonable prices and fast, hassle-free shipping available from Fire & Ice, that will be an easy decision to make.
The men’s Southwestern jewelry available from Fire & Ice includes useful items that men will treasure and keep for a long time. Fire & Ice offers a variety of money clips that will provide safety, security and convenience for carrying cash. They’re easily accessible from any pocket and always readily available to facilitate quick transactions to make everyday business transactions seamless and efficient.
These money clips are available in a variety of designs. They feature smooth, richly polished stones with design schemes ranging from conservatively simple stripes to veined turquoise with a blue vein offset by a rich rocky brown that reflects the unique natural pattern of each stone used in this carefully crafted item. Stainless steel or nickel borders frame these designs perfectly while also offering durability and rugged good looks.
Fire & Ice also offers unique key rings that are ideal for those special keys requiring more than just a hardware-store key ring. These handsome key rings blend materials such as turquoise, malachite, onyx and coral to make a presentation-worthy key ring that will be kept and valued for years.


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