While a number of creatures which lived on land left behind truly fascinating fossils, there are just as many (if not more) to be discovered in the sea. At Fire & Ice, our selection of unique marine fossils will give you plenty of interesting items to look over. With most items formed millions of years ago, you can’t help but feel that you own a piece of history when you choose one of these unique marine fossils. Each one has a distinctive look, color, size and shape, making it a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll be proud to display in your home. In fact, many of our marine fossils are already set up as museum-quality displays with custom stands that have been fitted to best show off each fossil’s exceptional attributes. Whether it’s something familiar like a crab or shrimp or an unusual creature like an araripichthys or aspidorhynchus, these pieces are quite powerful when viewed in person.

Another marine fossil that simply can’t be overlooked is the shark tooth. These large and intimidating teeth come from prehistoric sea creatures, such as a megalodon. While many of us were fascinated by shark teeth as kids, they are just breathtaking when you see them as an adult. Whether smooth and shiny or rough and scored, each of these shark tooth fossils tells an individual story. This is one of those items that makes a great gift for people of all ages and can really inspire a lifelong love of science in kids.

Consider choosing a marine fossil for the next addition to your collection or as a gift for someone with a passion for science. These are authentic, well-preserved fossils that are just as beautiful as the ones you see in the finest museums. Have a piece of history for yourself by ordering any of these fossils, and check back to see what’s new in the future. You can get more information on any of these items by checking the individual product pages or by calling or emailing our helpful customer support team.

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