Russian nesting dolls have a long history as classic home décor items. That’s why we feature these and other hand-painted Russian boxes at Fire & Ice. These beautiful pieces of art have an undeniable connection to natural history that fits in with the other stunning pieces available on our site. Each one is carefully painted by hand to depict the stunning detail only found in this type of art. The beautiful scenes and figures found on each one make them truly unique items that create a distinctive look in any space. Whether you place them in your home or your office, these Russian doll boxes and Russian lacquer boxes are sure to become treasured keepsakes that you hold onto for years to come.
There’s something truly fascinating about the lacquer nesting boxes originally made in Russia. These items have a somewhat mysterious and intriguing look that makes them endlessly fascinating to look at. Many children grow up with a set of Russian nesting dolls in their room since the items tend to double as both décor and entertainment. Meanwhile, living rooms, offices and other carefully decorated spaces can benefit from adding a lovely Russian lacquer box. These particular boxes also make for a great gift since they can be used to contain special items, such as jewelry or family heirlooms.
Make sure you shop for Russian lacquer nesting boxes and dolls at Fire & Ice. In addition to offering authentic items, we also keep our prices affordable to ensure that homeowners and business owners can decorate with these unique and beautiful pieces of art. Create a truly distinctive and memorable look in your home by adding Russian dolls, boxes and other traditional hand-painted items to your décor. These are pieces that are so beautiful, they’re likely to become keepsakes that are passed down through generations.

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