Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry from Around the World
The Fire & Ice Jewelry Collection is cornucopia of artistic creations. From classic diamond and pearl necklaces to more unusual pieces that incorporate rare materials like kyanite, larimar, Roman glass and fossilized walrus ivory, this stunning jewelry is in a class of its own. Traveling around the globe to exotic locations, the company’s founders seek out the highest quality jewelry handcrafted by skilled artisans. Their focus is on the Earth’s bountiful natural history and traditional techniques of craftsmanship. The rich symbiotic tradition of people and place is clearly seen in every piece of jewelry in this breathtaking collection.
Jewelry for Every Personality and Every Budget
Within the collection, you’ll find handmade silver jewelry and 14K gold jewelry with precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. There are many other types of gemstones like amethyst, citrine, agate, jade, lapis, aquamarine, malachite, larimar opal, moonstone, onyx, periodot and turquoise. You’ll find every color of the rainbow! In addition to stones and crystals, historic Roman glass, a variety of shells, pearls and even fossil specimens have been transformed into elegant wearable art. Each piece of jewelry has a distinctive personality, from stately, refined beauty to a bold statement of vibrancy and life force. Every unique personality will find the personal adornments that speak directly to them. Fire & Ice caters to those who seek out uncommon treasures, and there is a wide range of luxurious jewelry to fit every budget, such as glimmering cubic zirconia, which has all the sparkle and glamor of diamonds but at a fraction of the price.
Birthstone Jewelry
Fire & Ice’s birthstone jewelry collection honors the unique characteristics of individuals born in each month. These officially recognized birthstones have been beautifully transformed into exquisite pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and birthstone necklaces. For each month, you can learn about the particular stone, including its sources, properties, history and mythology. Birthstone jewelry makes the perfect gift, as it encapsulates the individual’s unique spirit into a special wearable keepsake.
Southwestern Jewelry
Those who are fascinated by the rich history of Southwestern jewelry craft will enjoy the wide selection of handcrafted turquoise jewelry and other stunning creations by Southwestern artists. The materials used and the styles are distinctive from this part of the country. You’ll discover Native American jewelry that depicts elements of nature such as birds and feathers and bold, beautiful turquoise stones in dramatic sterling silver settings. From delicate and fine to elaborate and ornate, the breadth of artistry from the Southwestern U.S. is fully captured with jewelry for every personal taste.
Bridal Jewelry
For anyone planning for their special day, you’ll find a dazzling selection of elegant, well-crafted bridal jewelry. In addition to beautiful jewelry for a bride, it’s customary to give personal gifts to each bridesmaid and her maid of honor, to thank them for their individual contributions that helped make that day possible, and to show appreciation for their friendship. For this special moment, you’ll find many different styles of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and bridal earrings that will be stunning personal adornments to complement a bridesmaid dress as well as a treasured keepsake to be worn and admired for many years.
Men’s Jewelry
Why should ladies have all the fun? Discover a distinctive selection of men’s sterling silver jewelry, brass, copper and stainless steel jewelry that includes necklaces, cuff links, keychains, bracelets and money clips. These are excellent gift ideas, whether it’s a sentimental present for a birthday or anniversary or a professional acknowledgement such as a company promotion, retirement or a gift to a valued client. You’ll find styles ranging from distinguished and conservative to bold and artistic. As with all of the jewelry in this collection, jewelry for men is unique, with unusual natural materials available such as ammonite shells, Roman glass and Larimer stones.
You’ll appreciate the expert craftsmanship, artistic beauty and celebration of nature that’s inherent in the Fire & Ice Jewelry Collection.

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