This vast selection of Fire & Ice bracelets comprises many different colors, styles and sensibilities. Choose from different premium metals such as copper, gold, vermeil and sterling silver gemstone bracelets. Are you shopping for yourself or are you searching for that special gift? Whichever it is, with so much to choose from, you’ll find the perfect bracelet to fit any personality, whether that’s bold and daring or a bit more conservative and refined.
The custom of wearing bracelets dates back thousands of years, with the first known Egyptian bracelets being from 5000 BCE. While you won’t find bracelets made from wood and bones as the early Egyptians wore, you’ll find bracelets with many kinds of beautiful gemstones such as agate, carnelian, citrine, blue topaz, amethyst, diamond, jade, lapis, turquoise, ruby, moonstone, sapphire, opal and onyx. In this unique and varied collection of sterling silver gemstone bracelets, you’ll also find more unusual wonders of nature, such as spiny oyster shells and other types of shell, Roman glass, abalone, lapis and fossilized walrus ivory.
The Lapis Lazuli opaque gemstone is a deep blue, made from the Lazurite mineral with other elements such as white calcite and sparkling pyrite. Agate is microcrystalline quartz that has a translucent quality, and no two are exactly the same. Citrine can have orange, red and golden hues, while amethyst is known for its stunning violet color. Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals, found in upstate New York. In the language of stones and crystals, each gemstone has particular properties and associations. For example, onyx is said to help the wearer release negative emotions, while turquoise has traditionally been worn for protection. By many ancient cultures, it was seen as a symbol of wealth.
Family-owned Fire & Ice travels the world to find the most unusual, one-of-a-kind jewelry, fossils, sculptures and other unique products. These are distinctive pieces for discriminating tastes.

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