Whether you’re looking for a simple high-quality chain for an elaborate pendant or a more decorative gold chain to wear alone, you’ll find it here. From a sterling silver box chain to a brass and rhodium-plated link chain, there are various styles and metals to choose from. All are exquisitely designed with the best materials to add style and sophistication to evening wear or to dress things up a bit for the office. Choose the desired type of metal, such as gold, stainless steel, sterling silver, brass and vermeil. 
Vermeil is a combination of gold and sterling silver, such as when sterling silver has been plated with 14K, 18K, or 24K gold. A vermeil chain makes a beautiful and unusual gift and it’s an attractive option for those with limited budgets. They’re lighter than solid gold and far less expensive, yet they still have the luxurious appearance of gold.
There are many different kinds of chains, some of which you’ll find here. In the world of stainless steel, vermeil, gold and sterling silver chains, you might find snake chains, Singapore chains, perfectina chains, cable chains, box chains, Byzantine chains, Cuban link chains, oval link chains, popcorn chains, omega chains, twist chains and rope chains. Each has its own distinct personality to match that of its wearer.
These chains keep beloved pendants safe and beautifully displayed. They can also be worn alone when you just want a touch of bling and a stately appearance. A stunning jewelry chain is a thoughtful birthday or anniversary gift, whether alone or with a special pendant or locket. You’ll discover decorative chains to fit every budget and each individual’s personal style.
Fire & Ice is a family-owned business. They travel to distant locales around the world, bringing back unique jewelry, glass sculptures and other special gifts for those who appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary. Their collection includes exotic fossil specimens, unusual jewelry, wall art, pottery and other decorative items.

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