Like many gemstones, blue topaz in thought to have healing powers. Blue topaz is sometimes referred to as the writer’s stone since it is thought to be a cure for the dreaded writer’s block. It is said to aid people in both the written and spoken words. So, if you have a writer in your midst or someone that gives a lot of speeches, you may want to surprise them with a piece of blue topaz gemstone jewelry from Fire & Ice.

There is a whole host of stunning creations including rings, pendants, necklaces, earring and bracelets. Whether you favor post or drop earrings, Fire & Ice boasts both in their extensive collection of blue topaz jewelry.

It also shouldn’t come as any surprise that the icy blue topaz is also the birthstone for December. Yes, the cool hues of blue topaz certainly mirror the chilly appeal of December’s beauty. If you are shopping for a December birthday, a piece of blue topaz jewelry makes a delightfully different choice.

Blue topaz is also the signature gemstone for celebrating fourth wedding anniversaries. If you are struggling to find a thoughtful gift for your upcoming fourth wedding anniversary, give your loved one the gift of blue topaz.  You will most certainly find a dazzling piece that will show them how much you really care.

Whether you need to give a writer the sweet gift of inspiration, provide a confidence boost to that special someone for an upcoming speech or simply want a remarkable piece of jewelry for yourself, you will most definitely discover it at Fire & Ice. Savor the journey and enjoy the view of the stylish blue topaz jewelry.

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