Citrine is often confused with topaz. It’s easy to see why since both share the same yellow-orange color. Citrine is actually quite rare in nature. Yet, that doesn’t stop this quartz from being extremely popular in the gem department. Folks love its yellow-to-orange hue along with its affordable price and durability. All of those qualities unite to make citrine a popular gemstone for jewelry designers.

If you adore the allure of citrine’s beauty, then you’ve got to check out the amazing collection of citrine gemstone jewelry at Fire & Ice. There is a dazzling array of pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets to pick from. Fans of both drop and post earrings will find stunning examples of both in Fire & Ice’s selection.

If you are shopping for a November birthday, citrine is the birthstone for that fabulous fall month. You’ll undoubtedly find a noteworthy gift for the gal in your life. Perhaps you want to buy your own birthstone pendant. Well, you go girl! Fire & Ice has several stunning pendants that will make a lovely keepsake.

Citrine is also the gemstone to mark thirteenth wedding anniversaries. Now, don’t let that infamous bad luck number spoil the fun of your upcoming anniversary. A beautiful piece of citrine jewelry will knock that suspicion right off of the table. She will love the thought you put into buying her a citrine gemstone anniversary gift.

This popular gemstone is also known as “the merchant’s stone.” If someone you know is opening up a new business, a citrine pair of earrings or bracelet will make for a wonderful gift to encourage good fortune. The stone is thought to increase self-esteem and promote clearness of the mind.

Whether you believe in the healing power of citrine or just fancy its beauty, Fire & Ice has the ideal piece to add to your collection or the perfect gift for an important someone in your life.

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