Did you know that cubic zirconia is actually the diamonds biggest competitor? Cubic zirconia is a cubic crystallized form of zirconium dioxide. Its hard, flawless composition, as well as the stone’s lack of color leads to its close comparison to the diamond. While diamond jewelry comes with a hefty price tag, cubic zirconia does not.

Cubic zirconia’s popularity exploded in 1976, when commercial production of the gemstone began. At Fire & Ice, you will discover a diverse and dazzling collection of cubic zirconia jewelry pieces including earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. Admirers of either drop or post earrings will find a great selection of both.

Like many gemstones cubic zirconia packs some meaning behind it. The diamond-like stone is thought to promote spirituality and self-confidence as well as physical strength. It is also a popular gemstone choice for April birthdays and the zodiac stone for Aires.

If you are shopping for an upcoming April birthday, take a walk through the stunning collection of Fire & Ice jewelry pieces. You are certain to find a lovely piece that will chase away any April showers.

When it comes to a cherished piece of cubic zirconia, you don’t need an excuse to add one to your jewelry collection. You’ll love the choices of cubic zirconia bracelets, pendants and necklaces. They are a wonderful addition to anyone’s jewelry box whether it’s a special gift for you or someone else.

If you love earrings, then you will definitely be dazzled by the assortment of post and drop cubic zirconia earrings. They are also the ideal choice for someone with recently pierced ears.

Give the gift of cubic zirconia from Fire & Ice. Stop by any of the 5 retail locations in Maryland or two stores in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can also shop right from the convenience of your home with www.fireandice.com.

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