Did you know that a fine quality emerald can actually be more valuable than a diamond? Emeralds have been at the top of the gemstone hierarchy since ancient times. Their radiant green luster has long been a sought after jewel. Many fine examples of emeralds can be found in museums throughout the world that feature the gem amongst their collections.

The emerald like all gemstones also brings with it other meanings. This lovely green stone is thought to attract love and wealth. It is said to protect travelers in addition to being able to help strengthen memory.

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A piece of emerald jewelry is the perfect gift for those that celebrate their birthdays in May. The emerald represents the zodiac sign of cancer too. So, think about an emerald piece of jewelry for friends and family that fall under the sign of cancer. Though do we really need a reason to give an emerald as a gift or perhaps buy this sparkling green gemstone for ourselves? Not really!

Emeralds make an exceptional gift for any folks out there reaching a milestone 55 years of marriage. Mark that truly special occasion with the glory of an emerald!

If you love fine jewelry and appreciate the extraordinary beauty of emeralds, then spend some time perusing the selection at Fire & Ice. Whether you are searching for a noteworthy gift of just want to make yourself smile, there is a spectacular collection of emerald jewelry right at your fingertips. Enjoy the journey!

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