The allure of jade dates all the way back to prehistoric times. This tough gem was not only used for jewelry and carvings, it was also fashioned into tools, weapons and other objects that were often used in ceremonial or religious rituals.

Did you know that jade is actually two gems? Yes, jade is formed from nephrite and jadeite. This stunning jade holds a special significance in China. Confucius compared its brightness to heaven. Jade and heaven are a common comparison in the Asian country with a pierced jade disk symbolizing heaven. Perhaps this is why the character for jade is one of the oldest in the Chinese written language.

If you too find jade heavenly, then you will be swept away by the collection of jade gemstone jewelry at Fire & Ice. Choose from an array of jade necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. You will find a diving assortment of stud, drop and dangle earrings that feature jade.

Bracelets make a wonderful gift and Fire & Ice has several jade bracelets that are simply gorgeous. The jade bracelets feature an eye-catching link design that makes this gemstone the ideal gift for someone special.

All of the jade pieces at Fire & Ice feature the gemstone’s signature green color. The striking emerald green color of jade is more commonly known as imperial jade.

There is a reason why jade has endured for millions of years. Its timeless quality is beautifully serene. Perhaps that’s why jade it thought to bless whomever the gem touches. This cherished stone is also thought to attract both love and luck.

For those that love to give the gift of gemstones to celebrate anniversaries, think jade for the 35th anniversary. Traditionally, this year of marriage was celebrated with coral. However, the modern gemstone choice for couples that have graced the 35 year mark is jade.

Regardless of why you love this age-old gemstone, you will find a stunning piece of jade jewelry to bring a touch of heaven into your life or for that special friend at Fire & Ice.

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