Perhaps the mystique that surrounds labradorite centers on the fact that this gemstone dates back centuries. It was named for the area in Canada that is was discovered by missionaries in 1770. The Moravian Missionaries named the pretty gemstone labradorite since it was found in Labrador, Canada. However, evidence for this feldspar mineral date back to earlier times, appearing in parts of Newfoundland as well as Norway.

If you love the iridescent colors of labradorite, then you will thrill to the selection of labradorite gemstone jewelry at Fire & Ice. Fire & Ice is known for its dazzling selection of designer gemstone jewelry. Our collection of labradorite jewelry doesn’t disappoint. You will discover stylish earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings.

Whether you want to wear labradorite jewels yourself or give them to someone special as a present, we have a spectacular assortment to pick from. Choose from post, dangle or drop labradorite earrings. The stunning display of colors will make any pair of earrings a conversation piece as well as a favorite addition to your jewelry box. A labradorite bracelet is another excellent gift idea. Choose from a link or rope labradorite bracelet. Either is a great pick. A labradorite ring makes for a distinctive present.

The unique interplay of colors in Fire & Ice’s labradorite’s designer jewelry is captivating. It’s one of the amazing features of this gemstone and adds to its chic appeal. Of course if you believe in the mythical legends of labradorite, then you may want to wear it to awaken your mystical powers.

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