Did you know that lapis lazuli is thought by many around the world to be the stone of friendship and truth. Many of the fabulous gemstones available at Fire & Ice have rich histories. The stunningly beautiful lapis lazuli does not disappoint.

Lapis lazuli is made from a potpourri of minerals with lazurite as the main ingredient. It has long been a favorite of people dating back to many ancient civilizations probably because of its intense blue colors. Archeologists have discovered many statues, beads and other artifacts featuring lapis lazuli.

When you look at the stunning blue color of the gemstone, you can instantly see why it is a favorite of jewelry designers. At Fire & Ice, you will find a distinctive collection of lapis lazuli gemstone jewelry. The selection features unique earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants.

Lapis lazuli earrings include fun dangles or hoops. Either choice will be a chic addition to your jewelry box or a fantastic gift. Bracelets haven’t gone out of style and with a lapis lazuli bracelet you will be wearing a real eye-catcher around your wrist.

If you need another reason to shop for lapis lazuli at Fire & Ice, many believe that these stylish blue gemstones embraced the power of truth and enlightenment. Not only does lapis lazuli gemstone jewelry look amazing, but those in the past that have worn these dazzling blue stones claim to have lived in complete peace and harmony.

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