If you love a gemstone with a back story, then you will love to wear a piece of larimar gemstone jewelry from Fire & Ice. Did you know that larimar is an extremely rare gemstone that is found only in a mountainous area of the Dominican Republic? It’s true. Brief mentions of the blue pectolite was made in the early 1900s, however, it isn’t until 1974 when this Caribbean queen really takes a bow.

Pieces of larimar were discovered on the beach by Norman Rilling and Miguel Mendez. Rilling was a Peace Corp member while Mendez was a local. Mendez actually coined the gemstone’s name be combining his daughter’s name Larissa with the Spanish word for sea, mar.

According to local legend, the blue/green gems came from the sea. The colors of these lovely stones do seem to resemble to ocean’s serene waters, but geologists think their formation has more to do with volcanoes.

Of course, larimar gemstone jewelry is extremely popular in the Caribbean, but you can find it right here at Fire & Ice. Fire & Ice features a wonderfully charming collection of larimar jewelry that includes attractive pendants, beautiful necklaces, stylish earrings, chic bracelets and fun rings.

Whether you love the ocean and want to keep a piece with you always or just are drawn to the peaceful blue hues of larimar jewelry, you can add a piece to your collection at Fire & Ice. Larimar jewelry also makes a fabulous gift.

If you are looking for a distinctive gift for your special someone, think outside the box with a larimar bracelet or necklace. Either would make a noteworthy gift that dares to be different.

If you and you partner shared a Caribbean adventure of your own, wouldn’t a piece of larimar jewelry make for a memorable keepsake?

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