Are pearls the most beloved gemstone of all time? Well, diamonds may give the pearl a run, but pearls may have the eternal edge since many favor the timeless classic beauty of this gemstone. Did you know that pearls actually form in a variety of colors? Of course, most of us are familiar with the brilliant white or cream colored pearls. However, their brilliance comes in other hues as well.

At Fire & Ice, you will discover a lovely and extensive collection of pearl gemstone jewelry that includes the traditional white though there are exquisite examples of other pearl colors as well. If you want to add a different pearl piece to your collection, take a peek at a sterling silver necklace featuring black pearls or elegant earrings of pink and peach pearls.

Fire & Ice offers a diverse collection of pearl jewelry that includes a wonderful assortment of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings. You’ll find classic pearl studs in white and black along with a traditional pearl strand that is also available in either color.

Whatever your style, you will most certainly find a piece of pearl jewelry at Fire & Ice to perfectly complement it. Now, if you are shopping for a memorable gift, pearls are definitely a fabulous choice. Pearl is of course the birthstone for June and it is also the anniversary stone for both the third and 30th wedding celebrations. You will discover a delightful selection of pearl jewelry from a first pair of pearl studs for a sweet sixteen birthday or a stunning strand for a special Valentine’s Day gift.

In case you doubt the value or allure of pearls, then you’ve never heard the story of how Pierre Cartier traded a double strand for a Fifth Avenue NYC mansion in the 1900s. The wife of the mansion’s owner really wanted the necklace. While her husband was away, she proposed a one for one trade with Cartier.

Now, don’t trade the house for a pearl necklace; just shop at Fire & Ice.

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