Remember when you were little and loved spending hours on the beach collecting shells? Those childhood memories always bring back a warm feeling and a smile. With shell jewelry from Fire & Ice, you can keep those sweet memories close at hand with beautiful pieces of gemstone jewelry that feature shells.

Typically mollusk shells are utilized in shell jewelry, which actually dates back thousands of years. Some of the oldest pieces are more than 130,000 years old. At Fire & Ice, you will discover a sophisticated collection of shell gemstone jewelry that includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings and pins.

Choose from a stunning assortment of dazzling pieces that showcase shells or combine shells with sparkling gemstones. There are a couple of lovely shell necklaces that feature both oyster shells and turquoise, making for a unique and chic addition to any jewelry box.

Mother of pearl is not an actual pearl, but a shiny iridescent substance that forms on the inside layer of mollusk shells such as oysters and abalones. Fire & Ice offers several really spectacular mother of pearl pieces like the beautifully carved mother of pearl rose pendant and the silver mother of pearl drop earring that feature flowers carefully fashioned from mother of pearl. Either would make a memorable gift for a special someone that appreciates shell jewelry or yourself.

Coral is another popular material for shell jewelry and Fire & Ice has an assortment of gorgeous coral pieces, including dangle earring and a wide cuff bracelet.

If you appreciate the unique appeal of abalone shells, you will love the array of shell jewelry at Fire & Ice that features abalone shells. Choose form attractive post or drop earrings that feature striking colors that are reminiscent of the ocean.

Add to your seashell collection with the stylishly vogue collection of shell gemstone jewelry at Fire & Ice. Collecting seashells never really goes out of style when you grow up. It just becomes more sophisticated.

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