From understated elegance to bold and luxurious, you’ll find a sterling silver jewelry set for every mood and inclination. From simple chains with delicate gemstones to elaborate multiple-row necklaces that are designed to dazzle and impress. Earrings are designed to perfectly match and complement the necklace, creating a beautiful, coordinated look that adds glamor to an evening dress or to daily business attire. You may wish to treat yourself or find the perfect jewelry for someone else. Browse these sterling silver jewelry sets for elegant gift ideas for a woman with discerning tastes.
There are beautifully designed silver jewelry sets to fit every budget. Select from various different gemstones, such as blue topaz, amethyst, opal, garnet, onyx, turquoise, peridot, moonstone and tourmaline. In the world of crystals and stones, each has its own specific meanings. For example, garnet is a stone of manifesting, healing and self-worth. Turquoise represents communication and truth. Tourmaline signifies emotional healing, joy and love, while blue topaz magnifies and brings clarity. For someone who wants to develop their intuition and patience, moonstone is ideal. Opal is believed to help one release attachments, while onyx is the stone of self-discipline and focus. The properties of gemstones can be traced to ancient folklore and legend. Not only are these gemstone silver jewelry sets beautiful. They also are rich in symbolism. This is another reason why these necklace and earring sets such marvelous gifts – to a dear friend, a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a niece or to oneself!
Fire & Ice, founded in 1980, is a family-owned business. They travel to distant lands in search of beautiful things. They bring back unique and exotic jewelry, fossil specimens, glass sculptures, wall art, pottery and other decorative items to delight those who enjoy the out-of-the-ordinary. Do you know someone who’s impossible to buy a gift for? Your problem is now solved!

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